Saturday, April 01, 2006


Our good friend Ken is on a rampage!

Alexis is organizing armed revolution among the disabled veterans of Croatia!

The Omnivore is toasting the novels I loaned him!

Rob is forced to admit that I AM RIGHT!

Taylor exposes the undercover Tigers.

Matt gives Stella a bath in the sink.

Andy gets a nose hair trimmer.

Meanwhile, Dave is not on the moon. A pirate ship appears on the horizon! A shot rings out!

And I think that the best picture to sum this all up is Godzilla in "DESTROY ALL MONSTERS!" For that sad minority who has never seen DESTROY ALL MONSTERS, it is the story of alien forces on a lunar outpost who simultaneously set free all the monsters of yore, from Godzilla to Ghidrah. Only the United Nations Starship Moonlight SY3 can save the citizens of Earth from utter chaos and imminent trampling.



  1. Dude, people are going to get the wrong idea about me. They're going to think I'm giving a bath to some other woman named Stella.

  2. A) No one reads this blog


    B) I did say "in the sink"


    C) That's what they get for not clicking on the link


    D) I'll change it if it offends you, because I really DO care what people think

  3. aahha! I was just testing you to see if you're motivatied by what people people pleaser!

  4. maybe I have a very large sink

  5. If I really cared what people thought, do you think I would put up hte next post after this one? The one where I share my real opinions about everyone I know? Hmmmm? Would I?

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