Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Game I Sometimes Play

Okay. Time for a True Confession. I know I am a missionary and am supposed to be Super Spiritual at all times, but I have this game I sometimes play during worship that I like to call "Guess the Date This Song Was Written". It goes like this: listen carefully to the music and lyrics of the song, doing your best not to remember when you started singing it in your past. Then guess by style and content what year it was written.

I find that with praise music I consistently guess the wrong year. It is invariably three or more years "newer" than I would have thought. Theory: Our praise music responds to what is in vogue secularly. Not very revolutionary as theories go, but there it is.

In other confessions of being an evil person, I told K that we needed to switch where we sit in the church because the guy sitting behind us sings so loud and with such a dramatically overdone vibratto. I just can't concentrate while that guy (who I am sure is a great and loving guy) overpowers me with his formidable set of pipes.

Man, I really am evil. Okay, I have to log off and go get some confession time now. Adios, muchachos.