Thursday, April 06, 2006

Animals I saw this week

The elk are everywhere. Today I walked through the middle of a herd of them. I had Todd Langerveld with me, so I felt safe because he is about eight feet tall. I told him that if they charged at me I would hide behind him. For some reason we thought it would be okay to walk between the bull and his cows so long as we kept our eyes down on the ground and didn't look at them. Todd had to keep reminding me, though.

I also saw a rabbit yesterday. It was a city rabbit, I think, because it appeared to be foraging in a garbage can. Also, it was smoking a cigarette.

A little later I saw a fox, a really beautiful one. It was eating a rabbit, which probably ran slowly due to its smoker's cough.

Also, some deer. And it snowed today! Oh yeah, and a crow (raven?) that was about as big as a television. Which--depending on the size of your television--is quite impressive.

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