Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Chili-Cheese Controversy Continues

I could not believe that the narrow-minded McComas-Zagorda Presidential campaign has taken things up a notch by starting their own political website.

I think that they should remember, however, that our impressive political machinery has already made bumper stickers and trucker hats.

And as we all know, truckers like to choose whether to put cheese on their chili. I am trusting that the truckers, at least, will be on our side.


  1. What I stated was purely economic reform...metaphorically speaking.

    I have a dream... when one day people won't be judged if they have cheese in their fridge or not.

    Oh, and down with heartburn!

  2. as you can see mikalatos/culbertson has completely misrepresented mccomas/zagorda....Mr mikalatos deliberately deprived his children into plain chili.....mccomas/zagorda stands to give those kids a choice! if you want happy kids and happy people chose mccomas/zagorda, if you want kids crying because daddy is a square, vote mikalatos/culbertson....its your choice in 2012.

  3. "Mr mikalatos deliberately deprived his children into plain chili."

    This is precisely the kind of irresponsible mud slinging I have come to expect from Pete Zagorda. I would like to unequivocably state that I have never--not once--deprived my children into plain chili or in any way put my children in a chili pot or container.

    I would also like to point out that I am not a "square" as anyone who has taken geometry has surely figured out already. I believe I would fall much closer to the "amorphous blob" category.

    As for you, Mr. McComas, you have stepped into my trap. By saying "down with heartburn" you have virtually assured me the powerful pharmaceutical companies! Mooowahahahahahahaaaa!

    Note to voters: please disregard that final paragraph.

  4. Once again the mikalatos/culbertson ticket has identified themselves with the rich, out-of touch corporate world...whereas the McComas/Zagorda ticket are men of the people! Our new slogan - "If you want happy people, vote McComas/Zagorda in 2012!"

    -paid for by people for cheese equality.

  5. Wait a second...look back at these comments.

    It's clear that you deprived your children of cheese on their chili.

    In the word of Mikalatos...Mooowahahahahahahaaaa!

  6. I may have deprived my children OF chili, but I never deprived my children INTO chili, as you accused me of above.