Sunday, April 16, 2006

Resurrection Day

Today is an important day, because today--for the first time since I came home from East Asia--I had a moment of feeling "at home" in church. Strangely, I think it was because the church had all of the songs up on the power point in the east asian language. And then an east asian guy who accepted Christ at our church was baptized. It was a very moving moment. I realized that there are people in our church that share our passion for reaching the lost, and for reaching them here in Portland as well as overseas.

I know part of this, of course, is that we are finally coming to the end of the re-entry cycle, which has been longer and more brutal than I would have expected, I think partially because of all the new stresses we introduced so quickly in returning (seminary, the new job, etc). Makes me think of Dan and Amy (hi, Dan). Hang in there, guys. It's going to be okay one day soon!

We've been going to the Village now for about three months, and we'll keep going there so long as we're living in Portland, I think. They have integrated ministries (meaning they're mainstream in the church, not compartmentalized) with Koreans, East Asians, East Indians and Hispanics in our community, and are working on figuring out how to reach Vietnamese. I am thinking about joining the 530 am (!) Korean prayer times and K and both believe it's time for us to join in on the various multicultural potlucks! Yum!

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