Monday, April 03, 2006

A quest for my children

My kids were running around on stick horses with buckets on their heads, pretending to be knights.

Me: I have a quest for you, brave knights, because I am the King.

A: What is it?

Me: You must go put on your shoes, for it is time for us to go.

A: Well, I don't think I will do that, because I am the Queen.

Me: You still have to do what I say then, because I am the King, and the Queen has to do what the King says.

A: Well, I will be the King then.

Z: Who tells the king what to do?

Me: I don't know. The emperor.

Z: Who tells the emperor what to do?

Me: God.

Z: Well. You're not God, Daddy.

Me: Yes, that's true. Go put your shoes on.

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