Monday, April 24, 2006

Intern Kickoff Weekend

This weekend was Intern Kickoff Weekend, which is when all the people who are going to do an internship with CCC come together and we hire them and teach them how to raise support. It was a lot of fun. 38 students came together, some headed overseas, some headed to exotic American locations. A highlight must have been the "Fiesta of Forms" where people could fill out their I-9s, wear a sombrero and eat taquitos. Another highlight would have to be the "Chinese Banquet" that we had with the Rapeljes, McComas(es), Scott Wynegar, Justin, Andy and Ryan. Ryan, right? I think so. Anyway, the waitress at the Chinese restaurant assured me that we wanted the "banquet" which would mean more food, soup, dessert, appetizers and so on. In classic Asian style I assured her that I did not want the banquet. Then she said she would make any substitutions I wanted, but I was cool. I acted like I did not want it. Then she said she would add in any dishes we wanted at the same cost. Which I accepted.

I am sure they made plenty of money, because they kept thanking me and one of the waiters told me multiple times "you are the man". They also said that I must have gotten my tax rebate check. They invited me to come again. I think I will. It was a good, good meal, and great company.

Another highlight would be the meal with the future Venezuela team. Thai food! Yum! They're a good gang, too.

Anyway, this weekend is a great reminder of why we do what we do. It's awesome to see our students going out into the world to share the good news with everyone.


  1. Remember when you got that fortune cookie about taking responsability for your indulgences? Then do you remember when you had another fortune cookie and got the same fortune about taking responsability for your indulgences? That was funny

  2. Yeah. That was funny. But the next seventeen fortune cookies I ate didn't say a thing about indulgences! Ha Ha!