Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Blow Against World Censorship

You may have noticed a lot of news stories about google censoring its China search engine, proving that they are really in it for the money and not for truth, justice or integrity.

A good example is this image search for "tiananmen square" that doesn't bring up a single image of "tank man", the courageous student that stood in front of the army's oncoming tanks just before the massacre started.

Last night, however, I discovered that if you spell "tiananmen" incorrectly you can get plenty of pictures of Tank Man.

If you just search for "tiananmen" one search result comes up (out of eight screens worth). I am guessing this is available only for a limited time. It's mostly beautiful, serene pictures of the square.

Here are the misspelled results.

For contrast, here's what comes up on the non-censored (so far as I know) English Google.

Fellow Revolutionist Ken already wrote about this, but as he is a fluent Chinese speaker and writer he never thought to misspell the words.