Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Cab Ride Home (story 1)

Returning from Colorado I had to take a cab to get back to my house. My driver had been a cabbie for 40 years, all in Portland. I asked him about how much the city had changed (a lot) and whether he had seen a lot of strange things (he had). Here are my favorite two stories:

Cabbie: So one day I am driving this guy somewhere and I feel the barrel of a gun against my head and the guy says, "I am gonna kill you" and I say, "What? For this car and the money? You can have 'em! I'll just pull over and get out" and he said, "No. I'm gonna kill you" and I said, "Well, if you're gonna kill me then I am gonna kill you." And he said, "How're you gonna do that? I'm the one with the gun" and I said, "Yeah but I'm the one with the car. You're about to ride through the windshield because I'm gonna drive us right into that tree over there" and then I stepped on the gas and the guy started yellin' "You're crazy, you're crazy let me out" and I said, "Not until you throw that gun out the window" and then he did and I let him out.

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