Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I just can't sleep without my wife here

I think I told you before that I can't sleep when my wife is not with me. Which is why I can't sleep right now. My eyes are burning from being open and I am still not in bed. Go to bed you big dummy!

Here is something cool, though. There is an owl outside my window right now and it is hooting and hooting and hooting. It's sort of soothing. Unless you're a mouse, I guess.


  1. Bro that's really some little kid saying , 'redrum, redrum'. Jack nicholson is about to pop into your room at the Stanley and say 'Here's Johnny!"

  2. Bro, I'm sorry you can't sleep! I like the owl though. did you notice that you, me and L all have birds on our profile pics? Anyway, its your turn to move..it's been awhile.