Sunday, April 16, 2006

Only in America

Since I was going to the doctor anyway, I asked when I called in on Friday morning if I could get my cholesterol checked.

Nurse: You would have to fast for twelve hours.

Me: Great! I haven't eaten any breakfast yet.

Nurse: But your appointment is not until 3:15 pm.

Me: (silence)

Nurse: It's just, that's a long time to fast.

That afternoon I went to the doctor's office, where I explained again that I would like, in addition to the free drugs, a cholesterol test.

Doctor: Have you been fasting?

Me: Yes.

Doctor: That's a long time to go without food. Are you okay.

Me: Um. Yes.

Doctor: Okay.

Note to my readers: In many parts of the world it is not considered a big deal to go without food for 21 hours. But I am glad to be considered some sort of master of self-discipline here in my homeland.