Sunday, August 10, 2008

Video Games and Their Effect on.... your braaaaaaiiinss

While driving home from the Great Drain Garage Sale of ought eight, my kids decided they really wanted to play with their cousin J's Nintendo DS. J doesn't like to share it, so he came up with a good reason they shouldn't take turns.

J: You shouldn't play video games, because they make a storm in your brain.

Z: Then how come you play them all the time?

J: Because I like to.

A: Who even told you that it causes a storm in your brain?

J: My cousin K.

Z: How old is K?

J: He's six.

A: I don't think he even knows what he's talking about.

J: Yes, he does! He's really smart.

(This was met by a great deal of eye-rolling and snorting from my daughters.) Then we had a little tangent where I talked to the kids about if they had ever had a brain storm, but it's too long and involved for here.

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