Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Shaping up to be a Grand Adventure

On my way to Colorado this fine morning, headed to Copper Mountain. As always, the Portland airport always provides me with early morning ramblings. Including:

1.5 ounces of extra toothpaste due to daring in-your-face security philosophy. I didn't have a 3 oz. toothpaste tube last night, so I brought a 4.5 ounce one, thinking I could bargain with security by explaining that I had already used some of the toothpaste and thus it might very well be that there were only 3 ounces in the tube. Apparently my logic was both self-evident and unassailable, for they didn't even pull the toothpaste aside to mention it to me. Excellent!

God Wills a return to the Alaska ticket counter. Someone whose name sounds a great deal like "God Wills" has been asked repeatedly to return to the AK ticket counter for a lost item. (Gott Wills? Not sure.) This creates an awkward feeling for all of us here at the airport as we are told repeatedly that God wills us to go to the ticket counter. I imagine the people working there are having a rough morning. Here's the conversation I had when I went to check on it:
"Can I help you, sir?"
"Yes. God willed me to come here and speak to you."
"I'm not sure what to say, sir?"
"He said there was an important left behind item."
"Like what, sir?"
"I'm not sure, He didn't say what it was. Hmmm. Could you look in lost and found and see if there's a largish gold box with cherubim on it? Should have long poles for carrying it, and some manna and the ten commandments inside it. Oh, and a stick with flowers on it."

Now All I Need is a Hymnal. I realized as I packed last night that I had left my Bible in Corvallis. Which meant searching for a back up Bible. I didn't want to take one of Krista's, because she needs all her Bibles at various times. So I went to our "book closet" where we store various unused but new books, often ones we received for free at some point. So I found a Giant Pew Bible (TNIV). Looks like I stole it right out of a church (but I didn't). Practically needs its own carry on!

My book for the plane today is "A Purple Place for Dying" by John MacDonald. I recently read my first MacDonald novel and now I... must... read... them... all.

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