Wednesday, August 20, 2008

DIA One, Mikalatos Zero

Clean Hair, Dirty Teeth. Believe it or not, the DIA TSA caught my illegal toothpaste. I found that the, "It has less than three ounces in the tube" argument to be ineffective. Well done, TSA, well done. This round goes to you. On the positive side, I've had no shampoo all week, because my hotel room came with hand lotion instead. Yesterday I got a little container of shampoo from another hotel. Clever. And Clean.

Mikalatos Standing By. My bus dropped me off early enough for me to have a chance to stand-by to get home early. I would love to get home early and see my beloved wife and kids. And our roommates, too.

Breakfast Burrito. Nothing makes me quite so happy as having a burrito at nine in the morning. Chicken burrito with guacamole, extra spicy. Mmmmmm. I love travel breakfast.

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