Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Anniversary Gifts

For our anniversary, Krista made me a "mix tape." Okay, I guess our society has evolved beyond mix tapes, but it was an Anniversary Playlist. In addition to proving that she knows me better than anyone, it is a great mix of songs. She bought several Weezer songs that remind us of Thailand, each other, and great rock songs of the past. The fact that she knew me well enough to know that I love Weezer but didn't have any of the songs she bought was impressive.

She also figured out (via our friends Kerri and Shasta) that I had expressed interest in the song "The Story" by Brandi Carlile during the Olympic commercial breaks. I love Carlile's voice, and I like the breadth of the song, how it moves from gentle love ballad to not-so-gentle rock ballad where you can tell that Carlile is putting every ounce of her self into getting those lyrics out over the music. I've included the lyrics in the post below. It's really a captivating song.

I actually cried when Krista gave me the mix. Partly because I am an old softy, I guess. And partly because she so perfectly expressed who she is and who she knows me to be in the songs she chose. I also liked the "High Fidelity" aspect of it.

We ended up liking the two Brandi Carlile songs on the mix so much that Krista went all crazy and bought the rest of the album last night. Good stuff.

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