Thursday, August 07, 2008

Show Me The Monkey

CALIFORNIA -- The search for Moe, the missing chimpanzee, has come to a halt. Moe escaped from Jungle Exotics, a company that specializes in renting animals to the entertainment industry. Despite helicopter searches and extensive ground searches little trace of Moe has been found.

One confirmed sighting came from the Deer Park Nudist Colony. "I knew something was wrong," said nudist Frank Gerheim, "When I saw someone in a top hat and vest, carrying a cane. On closer inspection, however, I saw that he wasn't wearing pants. He was incredibly hairy, but let's be honest, most beautiful people don't feel the need to join a nudist colony. Also, he was riding a unicycle.  And wearing a monocle."

LaDonna Davis, Moe's owner, is not ready to give up yet. "We're going to try new tactics," she said. "We have two in mind, but I can't say what they are yet." This is presumably to prevent Moe from reading about the tactics on the internet, which would allow him to avoid the suspiciously large pile of bananas at the "Every Which Way But Loose" outdoor movie later this week.

Moe the Chimpanzee did not immediately return calls to his cell phone requesting a comment.

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  1. Anonymous10:14 PM

    If we didn't know anything about you before, we now know that you're fascinated by monkeys my friend. 3 years, 9 easy to find posts about monkeys, and probably more lurking in the undergrowth.

    Time to start asking yourself why.