Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mikalatos Mention on McSweeney's

Some time ago I sent in some thoughts to McSweeney's "Convergences" contest. It was unclear to me whether the contest was still going... and as it turns out, mine was more of a meditation on a previously discussed theme than an original entry. But those swell folk over at McSweeney's went all crazy and mentioned my name anyhow. Here's the link, and below is the Mikalatos-specific content (which will look familiar to the BHR faithful).

Or, in another instance, remember the "Aftersquib to the Foregoing" (just before Contest Winner No. 18), how the rhyme between the image of a cross-channel swimmer being pulled onto the beach and a painting of Christ being lifted down from the Cross in turn provoked a whole slew of observations about paparazzi and the Passion

(not unlike those provoked by the Iwo Jima / Stations of the Cross and Beirut / El Greco analogies that immediately preceded that aftersquib)? Well, take a look at what correspondent Matt Mikalatos came up with in terms of the Passion of Peter Parker:

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