Friday, August 22, 2008

Ten Years!

Dear Krista--

Happy Anniversary! Ten years ago today my life changed irrevocably for the better. Thank you for saying yes and becoming my wife.

I spent some time yesterday out shopping for Anniversary cards. The ones I saw were terrible. There are two extremes. On the one hand you have the "funny" cards, which tend to be not-so-funny. Like so:

Or you have the overly-verbose sappy ones scripted over a watercolor that you can't read to the end of. Like so:

I wanted something offbeat but loving, something that would remind you of me. Something that would show how I picture our future. Maybe something like this:

Okay, that's a little closer, but honestly, it's too silly to capture my true feelings for you. You deserve something more like you, something classy. Something like this:

I am thankful for the ten years we've shared together. Every year with you gets better. I love your passion for life, for God, for our children, for people in general -- that they would find life. I deeply respect your commitment to learning and how you do your absolute best in everything you put your hand to. I am amazed by your patience with the kids, and with me, too. I appreciate your insights and wisdom... I love our conversations. Your intelligence and breadth of knowledge make talking with you one of my favorite things in life. And I appreciate most of all your love for me, how you have taught me what it means to forgive, what it means to love someone more than myself, what it looks like to know without a doubt that someone is committed to you without question. I look forward to many, many more years to know you better, to love you more, and to learn how to treat you the way that you deserve. Happy Anniversary. I love you!

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  1. Great day in the morning he even changed the header. Man, you are smitten. Happy Anniversary you crazy kids.