Tuesday, September 19, 2006

More from Mexico

I tried to get us a hotel in Mexico City that would be far away from the protests and demonstrations. But somehow I picked one across the street from "the angel of independence." As we drove up our taxi driver said, "This street has been closed all week. So nice that they opened it today.

The next morning President Fox came and gave a big speech, so there were people all over the place.

A lady was cooking something green nearby, we couldn't figure out what it was. Someone finally explained that they were gorditas, but with green dye in them because the flag of Mexico has green in it. We also bought a red tamale. the gordita was excelente.

A little while later there was a "parade" in which every soldier, horse and tank in all of Mexico marched, pranced and rumbled past out hotel room to show the superior
strength of the amazing country of Mexico. This took a long, long time. Then the garbage trucks came out to clean up after all the festivities.


  1. Matt, you didn't comment about the 'vamos con Jesus' sign on the garbage truck. Which shows that Mexico knows that Jesus goes with Independence, parades and that He removes the garabe of people's lives!

    Sort of like a gospel blimp on a little more developing world level.

  2. I knew my eagle-eyed readers would notice that. I forced Krista to take a picture of that truck!