Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Okay, I have a couple of quick moments here before I have to scoot off to a meeting. Yes, a meeting. That's right, I have a job, people.


Mexico is great. More expensive than I expected, but still great. I've eaten Mexican breakfast every morning, which is great (enchildas for breakfast? You BETCHA!).

We've been meeting a lot, but it's great to work with people I consider good friends. Yesterday we wandered out to some of the over 300 campuses in Mexico and tried to start spiritual movements of revolutionary-minded college students. More on that when I get more time. But I will say that it was great, we saw God do some amazing things and I got to eat some huarrachas at the UNAM cafeteria.

Today we moved our meeting to Xochimilco for a few hours, which was fun.

Tonight (in about ten minutes) the meetings start up again and then dinner and then, who knows? (Krista might go shopping... maybe I'll study Hebrew or blog or write or answer e-mail or collapse onto my bed. We shall see.)

NOTE: Beds here are just as hard as in East Asia. I realized that I didn't expect this because every other time I've been in Mexico I've slept either in a tent (Mexicali) or, the noteable exception, in a trailer with my buddy Chris. So, good to know. Hard beds in Mexico.

NOTE (2): We saw a demonstration today. Viva la mexico!


  1. didn't know you were that addicted to blogging ... you update blogger and facebook simultaneously? I'd bet that if I had myspace, I would see a blog entry too

  2. Silly, silly Ken. I am glad to be technologically superior even if it is only for one pure and shining moment. If you have blogger, facebook will automatically update your notes with your blog entries, if you set it up to do so. MySpace won't do that, and thus it doesn't have an updated blog entry. Plus, MySpace is a stalker paradise with pornographic commercials. So I don't use that often.

    Thank you for providing me a brief feeling of technological superiority.