Tuesday, September 19, 2006

At the Protest

After watching the entire military of Mexico roll by, we decided to go down to the Zocalo and see the protest. There were a lot of people there chanting "OBRADOR!" I will say this... the people of Mexico are very skilled at drawing characatures of George Bush.

There was a creepy person blowing smoke on people. This seemed evil to us.

Now I must treat you to another picture of me with "the bird."

Things the people of Mexico could learn about protests from the U.S.:

1) It's not really a protest unless you break a window.

2) And don't forget to steal something!

3) Don't let Americans with Communist t-shirts mill around with you. Those stupid foreigners clearly know nothing about history. Kick 'em out!

The Mexican style of protest seemed very gentle and understanding.

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