Sunday, September 10, 2006

Airport Fashion Tips

A few fashion tips for all of you who fly.

1) No short-shorts. Especially if they are so short that you can't walk correctly. I don't care if you're traveling with your boyfriend or a boy you wish was your friend. No one is happy to see a girl wearing short-shorts at the airport. What we are all thinking: that girl is going to be cold.

2) No "Hustler" t-shirts. I saw a young man with his fiance today, and he was wearing a "Hustler" t-shirt. Please don't wear clothing that advertizes pornography at the airport. What we are thinking: that your fiance should ditch you as soon as possible, before your porn-infused brain destroys your relationship. It just makes us sad.

3) Remember, people are crankier in the morning and more likely to think mean thoughts about you. So dress carefully if you are on an early flight.

What I am wearing today: a vintage 1970's pilot's uniform (TWA).


  1. so hilarious...

    Wish I had a bus driver's uniform...stay behind the yellow line kid!


  2. # 1 had me laughing out loud. I actually DO think - as you said - that people in shorts will be cold on the plane.

    Another crazy fashion thing - high heels when travling? I don't think so. Go for the comfortable - slip on, slip off type shoes so that you don't end up running to the bathroom in your barefeet and eventually end up with a staph infection.

  3. My new personal favorite-manpris. That is the "masculine" version of capri pants. I use the term "masculine" loosely.
    This way you really don't have to decide between shorts or pants (although I also strongly agree that short-shorts are a no-no). Manpris allow just the right amount of air flow without having to fear that you will spend the entire flight with goose-bump covered legs.
    To clarify, yes, I am publicly endorsing the use of manpris on airplanes and in life in general (where somewhat socially acceptable).