Monday, September 04, 2006

Google Me

Last night I googled myself (yes, I'm vain, bet I think this post is about me, don't I?) and I found a couple of interesting things:

1) A mini-review of my short story, Chariots. Favorite sentence from the review: "If you like to think big thoughts without wading through all the words usually associated with them, 'Chariots' is for you."

2) Someone in Canada went to the trouble to type out (is this legal?) the entirety of my article "Estrogen Dampens Holy Spirit!" from the Wittenburg Door. So if you would like to see the (admittedly inferior) typed up version, you can see it here. And then you should march right out and buy issue 206 of the Wittenburg Door.

3) The Burning Hearts Revolution.


  1. Anonymous10:48 PM

    Matt...I too have googled myself (I think all people should try it at some point). However, I wasn't as lucky to actually find material about myself, but rather others with the same name. One was a hockey player, another an author and finally an actress. I guess you are more popular and prestigious than I...

  2. well i just googled myself, and found my blog linked to this comment, well its great to find out who wrote that article i recieved it as I posted it on my blog in an email from a friend? didnt know it was doctored? Well great to see this!