Friday, September 15, 2006

Happy Independence Day

So, today we went out into the wide world of Mexico to see the sights.

Except that they were mostly closed in honor of Mexican Indepence Day! We went to the Museum of Modern Art (closed). The Frida Kahlo Museum (closed). The Leon Trotsky museum (inexplicably open).

We took the Metro all over the place, which was cool. Then we decided to go out to dinner but, um, the restaurants are all closed. Because everyone is gathered outside our hotel to celebrate! K and I just watched the president shout VIVA MEXICO and ring the bell of freedom on t.v. and then the fireworks out our window.

Rumor is that everything will be closed down tomorrow, too.

But we are having fun, enjoying each other and Mexico. We're debating going down into the center of it all in the Zocolo tomorrow.

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  1. Matt,

    The celebration is, in fact, a party for you, yet again, completly ignoring my birthday. It's something I set up special just for you while you were south of "the" border.