Thursday, September 28, 2006

Idaho: Where I Will Build A Great Monument In My Honor When I Become the Rightful Ruler of The Americas

K and I leave for Boise in the morning, where we will get to spend a whole weekend hanging out with the Boise State crew.


See you all next week.


  1. Bro, hope you r enjoying your stay. Glad you have the blog..that little Ezra is a good looking kid!

  2. You should be in Butte. That was God's will for your life this weekend. =)

  3. Idaho: where D. Brewster and myself hail from.

    We plan to parcel off the southern half to the state of Utah, and join the northern half with the nation of Canada... thus creating a place where you can do whatever the heck you want... CANDAHO.

    Buen Viaje maestro.

  4. Matt, what did you think of Boise? Actually you have most likely been there the way I have a blog. I don't know if I ever sent it to you...

  5. Shana-- Yes, yes. Maybe next year. But you better invite us soon because we are soooo popular. :)

    Bryon-- I am deeply in love with the idea of CANDAHO and I would like to put forward my name to be the Treasurer. I would like to not live in CANDAHO even though I shall belong to its government.

    Allison-- I liked Boise, actually. I was surprised by how much art there is. And it was the film festival this weekend! And I have been to your blog, I just need to set aside some time to update my links!

  6. Good use of a comment Matt!=0)