Sunday, September 10, 2006

Enfoque mexico

Today (in a few hours), K and I will be on our way to Mexico City to meet with other people from around the US who do our job, and also with international leaders within our organization and the local leaders of the mexico CityFocus.

Mexico City has 301 college campuses, totalling right around a million students. CityFocus is designed to try to take the good news of Jesus to every single one of those students within the next three years. It's an awesome experiment, which is one of the reasons we're spending a week down there.

K and I are pretty excited because at least one day of the week will involve us going out on campus and talking to people about Jesus (in Espanol? Mmmmm. Not if they want to actually understand anything we are saying). ALSO, our buddy Carlos, the national director of Costa Rica, will be hanging out there, too. So, we'll get to talk some more about the possibilities of our region sending students to Costa Rica.

Anyway, if you want to hear more about Enfoque Mexico, I will try to find some blogs that are from the team there. I've seen that this one is updated pretty often (with pictures). I'll ask around while I'm down there.

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  1. Have fun guys! And keep us posted on all the cool stuff going on down in DF!