Sunday, September 10, 2006

At least they liked the cover letter

Hi, friends.

I was poking around over at Relief Journal this morning and found this post about getting cover letters they like. They quote at length from a cover letter that is, well, my cover letter. They rejected the story, but they really liked that cover letter!

So I sent them another story, which is being looked at now. I have to admit that the cover letter to my second story was not as good. But I think the story is significantly better than the first one I sent them.

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  1. I'm glad you specified "non-creepy" sort of way. :)

    BTW, you are my book winner. Go see my addendum to the Speculative Faith friday post on Bed&Breakfast.

    If you already have it, I specified you get to choose the winner according to which other post you thought most interesting.

    So, if you want the book, email me at Mirathon atsy AOL dotsy com.

    If you want to pass, go post the winner at Spec Faith. :D

    Non-Creepy Hug,