Wednesday, March 29, 2006

When Does Matt Blog?

I have heard rumors that my faithful friends in Montana are asking, "When does Matt blog?"

Well. Not during LOST, that is for certain.

Most often I blog while my kids are in the bath. Sometimes (like tonight) I do it sort of late at night after everything else is done. Or sometimes I do it early in the morning.

It's sort of my hobby, you know.

Does that answer your question, my Montana bretheren and sisteren?


  1. Don't try to hide it you're blogging in the middle of your regional directors meetings.

  2. Ha! That would require:

    1) An ability to access the wireless at the office. I have never bothered to figure this out because:

    2) A laptop.

    3) The ability to somehow hide it from the other RDs, who, for some reason, aren't out blogging themselves. I think they should, though. Then we could have all our meetings at a blogspot. Don't you think they should have blogs. I think only Cas has one.