Saturday, March 11, 2006

JUSTICE, Mikalatos style

So. A while back our neighbors' recycling container and ours were accidentally swapped by the recycling guys. So we ended up with a nasty, yucky one and they ended up with nice clean new ones. No worries, though, totally innocent.

TODAY, however, I was looking at the lid of my 32 gallon green plastic garbage can and realized it was not my trashcan lid. For one thing, the lid is cracked all to pieces. Now, I know my neighbor did not swap them because he has painted the lid of his trashcan sparkly yellow. Which means someone from across the street switched them. Which means that they did it on purpose.

And I know who it was. Do you know how I know? Because those jokers wrote their name on the bottom of it! Ha ha ha! So this next week I am going to type their name into an internet search engine, discover their address and then switch our garbage can covers. Heh heh heh.

The only problem is that this makes me paranoid. I have two of these garbage cans, one of which the handle broke off of, and one of which lost a wheel. Could the whole neighborhood be switching with me? Does that seem right or fair? No, it does not.

And what do I do when these junky garbage cans are completely useless? Do I set them out on garbage day with a note that says, "Please take the cans as well this week?" Do I set them in front of someone else's house? I am just not sure what would be best....

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