Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mmmmm. Good t.v. night tonight.

We started with "The George Lopez Show" which I think is my favorite (current) sitcom. Perhaps because I am hispanic. Or perhaps because his show is what my show would be. Except I wouldn't make mean jokes about my family. But the rest would be the same.

Then I took out the garbage, turned off the lights in the kids' room and ran off to get fresh strawberry milkshakes for me and Krista and then JUST IN TIME I got home for a brand new episode of LOST! Woohoo! And it was a good one!


  1. Anonymous7:12 AM

    Are you really hispanic? I'm nervous that I don't know the answer to this question...should I know? Is this common knowledge? You don't really look hispanic, but I guess if I think about it, you could. Hmmm, I'm so nervous I don't know the answer that I'm not attaching my name to this comment.

  2. I'm actually about a quarter Greek, which is why I have even a chance of appearing hispanic when you think about it.

    I grew up in California, though, so a lot of my friends growing up were hispanic, and if I had my way I would eat mexican food every day, for every meal.

    My dad is half Greek, so he's a bit more dark complected than I am, and he can easily pass for Hispanic. In fact, in college one of my friends ran La Mecha and he got really mad when he saw my dad and "figured out" I was hiding my latino roots. Pretty funny.

    But, since my dad grew his hair out everyone thinks he is native american. It probably is partly that he wears lots of shirts with wolves howling at the moon and stuff like that. He always gets offered the tribal discount at native stores.

    All that to say I am only hispanic in my heart.

  3. no matter how I try to spin it, I will always be Chinese, no one has even mistaken me for a Hispanic ... sad. Sometimes Korean, and some really weird people might think I'm Japanese ... but never anything else.

  4. Ha ha ha! As I recall sometimes people thought you were an American!

  5. Nobody, and I mean *nobody*, has more toss in the sauce than Matt Mikalatos. Not even me, the mutt...