Thursday, March 30, 2006

Note to My Friends: Cyborgs are Evil

You know, I was raised by my Dad to know all about cyborgs, werewolves, mutated survivors of nuclear war and so on. We often watched the Saturday afternoon sci-fi movie. And I am disturbed to say that we appear to be in great danger, and just like in the movies we continue blithely along while the robots make their bid for world domination.

I, for one, am extremely disturbed and frightened by the Bluetooth phenomenon. Have you noticed how many people wear these things all the time? Not just when they are on the phone, no! But when they are sitting around reading a book, while they are in the bathtub, while they are plotting world domination. CYBORGS! Yes, that's right. Don't try to deny it. Evil, evil cyborgs. And they hate us because we are human. They want to use us for spare parts. Creepy!

NOTE: Remember when people used to be embarassed if they had to get a hearing aid? Seems kind of cute and unobtrusive now, doesn't it?

Note (2): If you end up having to get a cybernetic implant of some sort and you are not evil, please refer to yourself as bionic.

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