Sunday, March 26, 2006

If you only go to one website this year...

Then it's gotta be this one.

Yes, it's time for some official Burning Hearts Revolution gear. Don't worry, our impressive thinktank of creative thinkers will be working on new and impressive things to add here occasionally, so don't feel bad if you buy all of these at one time and get a sort of lonely feeling afterwards. We'll make more, we promise.

p.s. Despite the popups and hypno-adds, these high-quality tie-in products are meant purely for your laughter-inducing enjoyment and there is no reason that you should feel an actual need to purchase anything.

p.p.s. We have been told, however, that it's very comforting to have a throw pillow with the Revolutionist on it.


  1. Thinkin' the Trucker Hat is for me, man. I would proudly wear it sitting high on my head.

  2. That stuff is hilarious, and a little creepy. It's good to know that the higher ups working at the regional level of our company know how to use time well and that you are thinking ahead about reaching new niches in the population, as well as bringing in revenue in unconventional ways.

  3. How come you don't have a bowl with your picture on it for my chili with cheese?

  4. Andy-- I look forward to seeing that trucker's hat!

    Alexis-- how dare you laugh at the BHR merchandise? And how dare you be creeped out by it? Also, if I were trying to make money I just want to point out that I would make "Rijeka Tigers" t-shirts. Hmmmmmmm.

    Jess-- Um. Hm. Doggie style. That seems just... wrong. Let's pretend that none of us ever read that complimentary addition of American Apparel.

    Matt-- because I will never support your fascist agenda to force us all to eat cheese.