Thursday, March 02, 2006


And so, three of us set out to go to "Firewall", the new Harrison Ford movie.

This was a terrible movie. It was incoherent, badly written, implausible, and too many of the suspense scenes involved Harrison Ford typing on a computer keyboard. There were unnecessary scenes of torture, many of them involving the poor audience members. Harrison Ford is getting old. His only chance left is Indiana Jones IV. Or Star Wars VII. Or Witness II.

Question: When was the last good Harrison Ford movie?


  1. Question: When was the last good Harrison Ford movie?

    Answer: 1989 (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade). Unless you're a fan of the Tom Clancy movies, in which case 1994 (Clear and Present Danger) - but I'd argue those were his last ok movies, not his last good movies.

    Incidentally, Indiana Jones IV is in pre-production right now...

  2. Bro! I went and saw it the night after friends and I totally agree.

  3. That is because you are all wise beyond your years. But you should read my blog before you go to a movie. Just kidding.