Friday, March 17, 2006

The Office

Krista returned from Italy having seen what she said was possibly the funniest single episode of sitcom-type show she had ever seen, called "The Office."

I was confused at first because ALEXIS, who loves the show told me never to watch it. She said I would be disturbed by it, that it was raunchy (but funny) and on and on. So I watched it this week and do you know what? It was funny. And do you know what else? It was clean.

So. Alexis. What is going on here? Am I an old stick-in-the-mud? Do I seem like a fuddy-duddy to you? I started watching LOST on the first episode of the first season, the first night it was on t.v. I am cool. No, seriously, I really am. Don't let the baldness fool you. Why are you trying to keep me from seeing good t.v.? Is it for my health? Or are you just trying to keep all the good jokes for yourself? Hmmmm? Or is there something more sinister at play?

Is this payback because I told you that I don't really like Seinfeld or Friends?

p.s. I don't like "E.R." either. I must shamefully admit, however, to having watched an episode of "Gray's Anatomy" and kind of liking it.