Friday, March 17, 2006

What we did for St. Paddy's Day

We were fortunate enough to be invited over to a real, live Irish family's house for St. Paddy's Day... the O'Brien family. There was green jell-o, shamrock cookies, corned beef and cabbage and a good time was had by all. They had even made cups for us that said, "O'Mikalatos" on them. Fun!

And now a word about the color you wear on this day. First, one of the women who came to the party wore a blue shirt and tried to convince everyone it was green. We all had a good laugh. But since she recently joined the BHR community, I won't say her name. She's pretty funny, though.

I wore orange, because I am a protestant. Catholics wear green. I never knew there were so many Catholics out there!

Anyway, Happy St. Patrick's Day. Kiss an Irishman for luck, and rub a Greek man's belly for good fortune.


Matt O'Mikalatos, the happy Irish Greek


  1. I've personally never understood the fuss that the non-Irish make about St. Patrick's Day. Sure, if you're of Irish descent I get it, but the vast majority of St. Patrick's Day celebrators aren't Irish - they're drinkers.

    So, on principle, I've decided to celebrate St. George's Day (April 23rd) instead, and will be wearing red on that day and spreading the good word.

    Please join me!

  2. Sounds good. Now, the trick is, if you want people who have no reason to celebrate your holiday, you have to associate beer with it somehow. It brings in a lot of people.

    Of course living in Chicago you must have seen a lot of green this week.

  3. Hey Qwasinaut01, are you talking St. George as in George and the Dragon and the national Scottish day or something else?

  4. Yeah, I'm talking about St. George and the Dragon. But it's England, not Scotland...