Wednesday, July 06, 2011

40 Day Fast: Day Two!

Here we are, day two of the fast done and gone. 

I'm traveling this week with my good friend, Nurse Shasta. We're in southern California for a training for people headed overseas on summer missions trips. We're helping coach the leaders and hanging out with the teams. I'm sure it will be a lot of fun.

Yesterday when we arrived here, Shasta made sure to take me out to the grocery to buy lots of juice for our week. She also pulled me aside at one point today to say, "I'm going to have a talk with you." She's worried I'm not going to take my health seriously during this fast, and she's concerned that I'll harm myself in some way. The hospital was mentioned. Ha ha. I have no plans of going to the hospital, that's for sure!

Trust me, you're going to want to shake the juice before you drink it.
I will say that Nurse Shasta has been really understanding about the fast... picking up the slack when I'm too tired to do everything I should be here at the training, and encouraging me to rest, take it easy, and drink lots of juice. The only place where she really crossed the line today was picking up one of my juice cans and popping the top before I had a chance to shake it! That's disgusting, because there is some sludge at the bottom of the can then.

I also had this moment today where I thought, maybe people would be interested in knowing about a 40 day fast, and what the experience is like for someone. Then I thought, this could be a book. I could call it “HUNGRY.” I thought some more about it and thought, This is an amazing idea. Then I thought harder and longer about it and wondered, "Is it possible that hunger is making me delirious?"