Friday, July 22, 2011

40 Day Fast Day Eighteen: WE DEMAND MORE POPCORN!

Lost my snorkel!

When I was six years old, I got invited to go with my (adult) neighbor Robin to some fair that she was in charge of. It was basically like going to that island in the Pinnoccio story where you get whatever you want. Because she was in charge of the fair, I was allowed to do whatever I wanted while I was there for FREE. I don't remember what exactly I did, other than the fact that I kept asking for more popcorn. I kept going back and asking her to hook me up with another bag, and another and another and it was amazing. After my fifth bag, I felt like the salt had sapped every bit of liquid out of my body, my fingers were swollen and buttery and no doubt my shirt had been used as a napkin one too many times. I couldn't eat another bite. But I went to Robin and asked her for bag number six. She looked at me in disbelief and said, "I think you've had enough." I was relieved. I didn't even want another bag, I just needed someone to tell me I was done. 

When I like a certain food, this is how I am. No self control. Fasting is a great "all or nothing" tool for me to hopefully develop some discipline. If I can say no to food for forty days, I should be able to stop after one bag of popcorn, right? Or maybe just two bags.... three at the very most. 

Krista and I took Z, A and M to the school fair today, and Baby M wolfed down a bag of popcorn without stopping for breath or to lick her fngers. For a kid who refuses to eat most of the time, it was awfully impressive. 

I've been listening to the Bible on CD on my way to work the last few days, just listening to stories of Jesus on the way there and back. Today I heard the part where he says, “When the bridegroom leaves, then they will fast." I was just thinking about that yesterday! I'll be taking a full day with the Lord soon...

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