Sunday, July 24, 2011

40 Day Fast Day Twenty: Are you really fasting?

I was exhausted today. I got up with the baby this morning, and then fell asleep again and slept til 9; and then after church I took a short afternoon nap in the hammock. I think I might have a cold… I couldn’t get hydrated today and felt out of it. I drank a LOT and still felt dry. I'm not looking forward to a cold while fasting. Yuck. Nurse Shasta suggested drinking a bit of lemon to help with my electrolyte balance or some other scientific hocus pocus. It seemed to help quite a bit, actually!
Though they are less good than, say, nachos.

At church today, Pastor Jim asked if I wanted to get together for lunch or breakfast this week. I told him I'd be glad to sit and watch him eat and I would drink some juice, because I'm fasting. He looked at Krista incredulously and asked, “Is he really fasting?”

I'm not sure if that one came about because I am a big joker and he wasn't sure if I was messing with him, or if it's because people don't fast much (and try to keep it a secret when they do). Regardless, I am actually fasting... and I'm halfway done today! Hooray!

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