Friday, July 15, 2011

40 Day Fast Day Eleven:Is This the Flu or Only Fasting?

This would be an unwise way to break a fast.
Note: Just a reminder that these posts are from the notes I took while attempting a 40 day fast. It isn't actually Memorial Day this weekend. So don't have a barbecue this weekend, whatever you do. 

This morning I got up early with the baby and decided to make French Toast. I'm enjoying cooking while I'm fasting, because even though I can't enjoy food I want to watch other people enjoying food. Then I headed off to work.

Holidays! This weekend is Memorial Day Weekend. It seems that we have food traditions for practically every little holiday. Smaller holidays have less specific and more varied food traditions. We like to have barbecues on Memorial Day. I spoke to Sarah Atkinson (my editor at Tyndale) today and she said, “My goal for the weekend is to eat pie every day.” Good luck, Sarah!

And now, if you dislike discussing bodily functions, you may want to skip this paragraph. I need a warning similar to *SPOILER*. Maybe something like *POOP IS MENTIONED IN THIS PARAGRAPH*. There's really no way to talk honestly about fasting without mentioning bodily functions. Today I had diarrhea. Why this should be, I have no idea. It hit me today that I might have the flu. I can't TELL if i have the flu, because the usual symptoms... like having an upset stomach... is just how I feel all the time right now. In other words, I realized today that I've essentially felt like I had the flu for about a week... I've been fatigued, and my stomach has felt weird. Just makes you want to run out there and try fasting, doesn't it?

Best sign that I probably don't have the flu: I’m craving: “Indian tacos” from Scenic CafĂ© (a Mexican restaurant in China.... go figure). If you don't know what an Indian taco is, it's basically a taco made with a piece of fried bread instead of a tortilla and they're amazing. A terrible way to end a fast, though. But somebody tell that to my stomach!


  1. Anonymous4:32 PM

    i completely forgot about the wonderful-ness of indian tacos until i read your post. they are quite an experience. practically anything with fry bread is an experience, actually. but definitely not a good way to break a fast...if you didn't have some problematic bodily functions before, you probably would then!

  2. Sadly, my goal of eating pie every day went unfulfilled. But the dream has not died.