Monday, July 25, 2011

40 Day Fast Day Twenty-One: Halfway to maybe... can I make it another 19 days?

I'm not tired, I'm using the mouse with my nose.

I am exhausted. Krista said last night that she can’t see how I can do another 20 days. She's concerned that I am not able to do all the things I would usually do, like stay awake all the way through the day. I mentioned this to Nurse Shasta today, thinking she would side with me and say that it would be fine, but she says that she also is concerned that I am putting myself in a bad situation. Apparently I'm not acting much like myself, what with all the sleeping and slow walking and shivering in the cold.

Nurse Shasta also suggested I talk to a mutual friend who, it turns out, has done multiple of these lengthy fasts and usually seeks medical advice during the process. She said that when I am eventually able to eat I’ll have to very slowly start re-introducing foods… she says it could take as long as the fast itself to get back to a regular diet. I told her that a regular diet would mean a giant pile of nachos, and I asked her when she thought I should start eating like that again. She said, "Never."

Also (potty talk ahead)… my bowels became suddenly active again today, which I found surprising. What on earth is coming out that’s solid now? Must be part of my waist line or something.

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  1. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Wow man. I just can't even imagine that kind of a fast. But maybe you can find some unleavened nachos and that will be okay.