Sunday, July 10, 2011

40 Day Fast Day Six: Food, You Deserve Our Applause

LATE last night, at the end of our conference, Nurse Shasta and I were sitting around with our friends Wendy, Laura and Kyle (who, since I didn't ask permission to share this story, I will now call "Captain Tito" to protect his identity). We were trying to figure out if there was somewhere we could go to eat and hang out. 

Then Captain Tito told us this story about how he had been driving all day once, and he came to this restaurant he had been thinking about trying that is sort of famous in the SoCal area, so he stopped in and got a plate of the specialty, and the food was SO GOOD that when he finished eating he pushed back from his table, stood to his feet and applauded the food. Not the cook or the restaurant, but his actual food, for a performance well done. 

I’ve had food like that too. And even though the meal was over, I wanted an encore pretty badly. 

Wendy then said, “I’m hungry, are you hungry?” and looked right at me. I was a little confused, thinking she must know that I’m fasting (turns our that she didn’t) and I said, “Yes. I am definitely hungry.” And you know, on plenty of other days I would have said that and meant it, but last night I was able to say it with a sense of deep conviction. I am really, really hungry.

And, YET AGAIN, today was an Airplane day. What is it with airports not having what I want to drink? Smoothies, yes. But all of them have bananas. Blech. I hate bananas. And honestly, even after six days of no food, I still don't want a banana. The only straight juice they sell at places like airports is orange or apple juice. What is that? Why isn’t grape juice more readily available? Grape juice is better. I would buy some grape juice. Any insight out there as to why I can't get grape juice whenever I demand it?


  1. Matt, I hear that the grapes have formed a union and part of their contract is to choose where their coveted juice is sold.

    I can do orange juice, but apple is a NO GO in my book. Which is totally weird ... I love apples. Kinda like ketchup ... it's amazing, but i can't stand tomatoes.

    I feel you pain on the grape juice thing ... it's like purple gold!!!

  2. Oh yeah ... keep the faith man ... you're doing an awesome thing!!!

  3. Excellent insights into the grape union. Hmmmm. I'll look into that.