Friday, March 13, 2009


You know in LOST how they slowly reveal the mysteries and then all of a sudden in one episode it hits you (SPOILER) that Ben is really Kate and Jack's love child that has been sent back through time and when they figure out what is going on they send a cloud of nano-bots into the past to prevent children from being born on the island which has come unstuck in time so as to prevent Ben from growing up and getting super powers from the yellow sun of the Earth?

Yes, there's something fun about a mystery. Right now a lot of people are trying to figure out who this band Page CXVI is. I sent them a note and asked for them to do an interview or something with me so I could help reveal who they are for people like Nick G who are trying to figure it out. But they told me, "For now we will remain shrouded in mystery."

I do know who they are, though. And I promise that when they give permission I will fill you in. I know some of you readers out there know who they are, too... so don't give it away until the time is right.

Okay, okay, fine... I told them I could only hold out so long, so here it is:

1) Paula... lead singer. Paula has this amazing voice, and she loves to use it to really bring some soul to the tunes.

2) Randy... plays guitar. Amazing guy. So much older than you would think from looking at him, Dog. And... weirdly enough... he loves kittens.

3) Simon... the meanest junkyard drum player to ever come out of Britain.

Wait... I am getting a little confused. My wife makes me watch a lot of American Idol. Pretty soon I'm always thinking that those guys were over at my house. We sing a lot of karaoke.

Anyway. I'm sure Page CXVI will reveal themselves pretty soon... in the meantime, if you've heard the music, I'm sure you're looking forward to the album release, which is pretty soon I'm told. And if you haven't heard it yet... hang in there, True Believer. Your time is coming soon!