Wednesday, March 25, 2009

pics from Newcastle

These little parrots are everywhere. They're like the pigeons of Australia. You can tell the Americans from the Aussies because the Americans are walking around with their mouths open, staring at these little guys flitting from tree to tree. The Aussies are saying G'WAN YOU LITTLE FLYING RATS! I would love to bring some of our Aussie friends to America so they can gawk in wonder at the fat little grey pigeons in the States.

That's Shawn on the left, one of the team leaders of the Newcastle team, and to the right is Brina, one of the team leaders of the Seattle team. He came over to get some time with the Newcastle team and also to surprise his son, Nick, for his birthday.

We took the team for dessert at "Cold Rock." Can you guess which American restaurant this is? Here's Heather and her daughter and Christy (the other team leader... she's an Aussie!) having a bit of ice cream.

Here's Paul, Shawn and me doing the same.

Heather, Paul (American stinter), Nick (Aussie intern) and Christy at one of the morning prayer meetings on campus.


  1. Those little green parrots may be pretty, but can any of them boast that they saved 200 men's lives, like our plain, gray pigeons can?

  2. Hmm...Nick certainly looks different with a beard...