Tuesday, March 10, 2009

24 across: six letters, two word rhyme for poor father

I almost didn't get Z to school this morning because of the NY Times crossword puzzle. When Krista and I were in NYC we started working on the Times puzzles together. We can usually champion the Monday puzzle (the easiest of the week), so about half by Wednesday and then we start suffering on Thursday.

So this morning there was this half-done Monday puzzle sitting on the table, so I told Z she had five minutes and sat down to fill in a few blanks. I still needed to make lunch for Z.

About fifteen minutes later I asked Z if she was willing to eat "sizlling hot chicken sandwich" from the hot lunch menu, grabbed my jacket and we raced to school.

We had to play "antelopes" to get there on time. The game of antelope is played by the two of us pretending to be on the African plains. When Z yells LION we run/leap to the next block, crossing the "river" and then trotting along for a few breaths. It gets us to school fast.

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