Monday, March 30, 2009

Dragons in Australia

So... I didn't see a kangaroo in Australia. Or a koala bear. Or a platypus. But I did see a Kookaburra and several Eastern Water Dragons. Krista took the picture above while we were out hiking around Manly beach yesterday.

Kangaroos, I'm sorry to report to all you Americans, are plentiful but not in the city. It would be like driving through New York City and hoping to see a deer. This is yet another misconception of the world that I would like to lay at the feet of my old friend, Television. Oh, television... you always want to use visual shorthand to tell me where something is taking place. And the end result is that you tell me lies. I know you are just trying to be clever and helpful, but really Television, is this any way to keep friends? I am disappointed in you.

Water dragons are cool, though. Krista thinks them a little less cool, but this can be forgiven as she agreed to take pictures. If you enlarge this photo you will see that the dragon stuck its tongue out for the picture.