Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's not easy being Fourth

Yahoo news shared today that it's hard to come in "last." Amazing.

My kids had this "AWANA competition" this weekend (I would write about how weird this was except that I would feel guilty afterwards).

When they got home they shared about their competition with me:

A (jumping around): DAD! We came in THIRD!

Z: Third place is last place.

A: What?

Z: There were only three teams. We came in last.

A: WHAT? We came in LAST?

Cue the waterworks. Abundant tears. Being last can be difficult.

1 comment:

  1. New Versions of reality TV shows...

    American Idol: "Hey, you're all winners. Everyone who auditioned gets to be in the American Idol Choir."

    The Bachelor: "Hey girls, I just couldn't decide, so I've become a Mormon and you all get to come home with me!"

    Indy 500: "Hey guys, since you all tried really hard, and since you did such a nice job of decorating your cars, we're gonna say that you're ALL winners!" (Oh wait, this one's already been done - it's called the Awana Grand Prix)