Thursday, March 05, 2009

News From My Neighborhood

Making Money In The Neighborhood. An industrious duo of gentlemen wended their way about the neighborhood collecting the cans and bottles that could be recycled for cash. It was a good morning for it since everyone had just set their recycling out on the curb. My first thought was that they were really smart. Second thought was that maybe they were sort of jealous. Then I saw the Jesus Fish on their back bumper and I realized they were just thrifty and responsible. They had about 600 bucks worth of recyclables piled up in their back seat. Godspeed, my thrifty brethren.
STOP BREAKING MY TOYS! Meanwhile, walking back from the grade school I came across a woman with a gaggle of children. Three of them had baby dolls in their hands, apparently some sort of class project, as two of the children were boys and one of them thought it was an action of unrestrained hilarity to turn the head of the doll backwards and make growling noises. Finally the mom was pushed beyond her parental limits and she snapped. STOP IT she cried in a shrill voice, I TOLD YOU IF YOU BREAK MY TOYS YOU WILL HAVE TO BUY ME NEW ONES! It made me want to buy those poor little boys some dolls of their own that they could pretend are demon possessed. Poor lads.

The Key To It All. On the way home I found an abandoned key in the middle of the street. The thing about unknown keys is that they are limitless potential. Could this be the key to a car? A mailbox? A lock box full of cash? Or could it be a key that will open the half-sized door I saw behind our refrigerator... the strange little door with the golden edges and the curly, unreadable script. I'm going to try it tonight to see where it goes.

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