Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chariots of Fire sequel green lighted

Producer Ken Wales, producer of the "Amazing Grace" movie recently announced that the financing for a "Chariots of Fire" sequel has come together.

Here's a video clip of the announcement. I like his definition of "entertainment"... "To inform with delight."

This morning I was helping A with her awanas homework and she had to look up information on Eric Liddell and as I read about his ministry in China and his service in the internment camp I got all choked up. As people describe his unifying force in the camp and then his ultimate death from a brain tumor, they say that his final words were, "It's complete surrender." Beautiful.

Anyway, I remember for a long time that EVERY SINGLE CHRISTIAN talk had a clip of "Chariots of Fire" in it. So this ought to give another movie to use.

In the meantime, Mr. Wales, if you're looking for a writer I am available.

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