Monday, March 30, 2009

The Most Unexpected Moment in Australia Yet


Last night Krista and I went to dinner out on Bondi Beach and ate at a great Italian restaurant owned and run by an Italian family. The restaurant is called Il Puntaro and you should go to it if you get a chance... I had my best meal of our time here at this place.

At the end of our meal (when we tried to pay the bill) our Italian friend came and quickly brought us some free cappucinos. And, as is my norm, decided I had to drink it because it would be culturally inappropriate not to do so.

About eight or nine packs of sugar later I managed to down that drink. But Krista was very proud of this adventure into coffee. I believe this is my second cup of coffee since being married (the first being to honor an old Mexican woman who gave it to me for free because she said I needed something to drink and she felt sorry for me because I was eating alone).
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  1. Yikes! coffee. I had to drink it once and it took a whole lot more sugar and quite a bit of milk. Way to be sensitive!

  2. Anonymous8:00 PM

    just now getting caught up on your adventures post mitchell. how fun. we'll look up this place when we visit bondi :)