Wednesday, July 19, 2006

magical realism and Christianity

I had this sudden epiphany while listening to Sufjan Stevens' album "Illinois" today. He has a song on the album called "The Seer's Tower" (yes, it's a pun) and I realized with a sudden jolt that really he is writing a poem of magical realism, but using Christian symbology.

Of course, traditional magical realism will bring in Christian symbology (i.e. angels washing up in the backyard and so on). But I think I realized that what sometimes misses for me in Christian fiction is that the spiritual aspect of things seems so jarring and disconnected from the physical world. One of the strengths of magical realism is pulling magic into everyday life, making it an expected part of the world order.

Anyway, it got me to wondering if there's a way to pull off a sort of Christian Magical Realism, where the spiritual world would be more than co-existant with the physical, it would be the same world. I think this could work quite nicely. I might experiment with it a bit.